Marriage Seminar



The Different By Design marriage seminar is a versatile and powerful experience that equips couples to understand each others’ strengths and how those strengths work together in marriage.
The seminar guides couples through the process of identifying their individual strengths, their spouse’s strengths, and how to blend strengths to build oneness. Participants complete Marriage Insights Profile as the foundation for that understanding. Using the seminar and data from their individual profiles, couples learn how to value and blend their strengths, then transition from learning to application.

God created you and your spouse with unique strengths and placed you together to complete each other. His plan in your marriage is not for two people to shed your individual uniqueness, nor is it for your differences to isolate you. The problem is until now, couples have not had a simple way to understand each other’s unique strengths to build a meaningful oneness in marriage.

Marriage Insights Profiles empower Christian couples to take this step – to discover and use your God-given strengths in your marriage, to value your spouse’s strengths, and to blend. The profiles provide both of you with sophisticated and objective insights about your strengths to use right away in building a supportive, unified marriage.

The Marriage Insights Profile is a personalized, detailed 24-page report outlining your individual and relational strengths, specifically relating to the marriage relationship. The report accurately and objectively describes who you are in your relationship, keys to motivating you based on your wants and values, and keys to effective communication based on your strengths.

Profile reports are compiled and presented instantaneously after you complete a simple, 10-minute online questionnaire. Results are delivered immediately by email.

When you and your spouse share each other’s reports with each other, you can discover how you complement each other’s strengths. Marriage Insights Profiles also provide action steps to equip you to affirm your spouse’s special qualities, improve communication, and decrease conflict.

If you and your spouse are interested in the Different by Design marriage seminar, click on the contact tab in the menu bar and leave a message.