Can Technology Help Teams Be More Effective?

Teams are always looking for tools to give them an edge to be more effective. Although teams are relational by nature, there are some technology tools that could help them be more effective. This article will explore some areas that technology can enhance to make teams more effective as well as reduce some of the things that distract teams from being effective.

What are some areas that technology can enhance to make a team more effective?

  • Communication is a key to the effectiveness of a team. Teams need clear and relevant  communication.
  • Collaboration is at the heart of an effective team. Teams have to work together in realtime to achieve results.
  • Transparency is essential for a team to be effective. Everyone needs to be on the same page and have access to the same information and past communication.

What are some things that distract teams from being effective that technology could reduce?

  • Excessive and or unproductive meetings can distract teams from their purpose.
  • Excessive or irrelevant internal emails can be an ineffective means of communication. Teams often need realtime interaction.
  • Excessive and annoying notifications can interrupt and distract team members.

Slack is an example of technology that can help teams address these issues. It is a powerful messaging app for teams that brings all your communication in one place creating a single unified archive accessible through powerful search. Essentially it can replace internal email. In Slack, channels are created for each team, project, or topic so everyone on a particular channel has access to all communication in that channel. Files can be dropped right into Slack and shared with others on your team.  Slack can manage notifications from other communication tools to reduce the interruptions but still allow team mates to send messages without worrying about bothering you.

Teams have had great results using Slack.  A San Diego pastor said that because Slack targets messages by using channels and allows him to manage notifications, he can prioritize his messages and free himself from being tied to his phone all the time. In a recent survey, Slack users reported the following.

  • Their team was an average of 32% more productive.
  • Slack reduced internal emails by an average of 48%.
  • Slack reduced the number of meetings by 25%.
  • 80% said Slack increased transparency in their team.
  • 79% said Slack improved the culture of their team.

There are many ways that technology can help teams be more effective. Slack is an excellent example. For a complete description of Slack, visit their website

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