Our Team

Gary photo
During a 30 year career of serving in church and Christian School leadership roles, Gary Warkentin  experienced and learned several key things about effective ministry teams that he would like to share with you through the Effective Ministry Team workshop experience.

Like many leaders, Gary experienced frustration because of differences on a ministry team and the lack of effectiveness because the team is not working toward common goals. He has also observed ministry leaders succumb to the pressures of solo leadership.

Gary has discovered that differences on a team are actually valuable and they can complete a team to make it more effective. He has experienced the joy and strength of shared responsibility.

Gary believes that God has given us strengths and placed us in relationships with others to accomplish His purposes. He also believes the way the Bible describes relationships in the church as different functions of one body gives us the foundation for effective ministry teams.

Gary is a certified trainer with Ministry Insights, the creators of the Leading From Your Strengths profile.